About Us

IvaCare is a family-owned business dedicated to providing superior care to its customers. The owners are healthcare professionals with many years of experience in providing direct patient care. They understand how transportation barriers can negatively impact patients’ health leading to missed or delayed follow-up appointments, low adherence to medical treatment and poor health outcome. The owners’ passion to ensure every patient maintains continuity of care after being discharged from the hospital inspired them to start IvaCare. They have first-hand experience working with providers and patients in scheduling follow up appointments, setting up transportation needs and providing the necessary accommodations.

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  • Monday - Sunday
  • 9am ET - 6pm ET
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Our Services

Transportation is what we do best, and we do it well to provide you the best services.


Even if you can walk and get inside the van on your own, we will always stand by your side at each step.


Ivacare team is always ready to assist you and provide all necessary help to ensure you get inside the van safely and you are securely seated.


We understand that sometimes you just want to get from point A to point B. Ivacare is here to provide transportation for all personal appointments as well.

Latest News

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Areas we serve

We are proud to be at your service in 6 different counties.

 Franklin county        Union county

 Deleware county      Licking county

 Fairfield county        Pickaway county

Our clients said

Drivers are very polite and are always on time. They are very reliable and they also accommodate last minute bookings. I will recommend IvaCare to anyone looking for wheelchair transportation for their loved ones or themselves.

Carol Black

I love the Ivacare team because they always take care our their clients with love. They are always there to assist during the transportation process. Thank you Ivacare.

Joyce Lovely